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In the essay address and answer the following According to the leadership compet

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In the essay address and answer the following
According to the leadership competency assessment, share your strongest competency and your weakest competency, and comment on your general reaction to the findings of the assessment. Do not share your actual score, only which competencies were identified as strongest and weakest.
Based on the results of your leadership competency assessment, explain two ideas that were of particular interest to you or that you found most compelling (e.g., “a-ha!” moments) from the results. Provide a rationale to support your conclusion.
Identify someone from professional experiences who have strength in the same leadership      competency and share how you think this strength could have potential drawbacks, trade-offs, or negative consequences for leaders. 
Identify someone from professional experiences who weaknesses in the same leadership      competency as you. Provide examples of how both of you might build your competency in this area, how both of you might overcome this weakness, and what effect the choice to address or not address this weakness may have on your goals.
Can someone really transform a weakness into strength? In what situations might it be more important to focus on one’s strengths? Is it always important to try to address one’s weaknesses? Why or why not? What suggestions would you have if a person has not been able to overcome a particular weakness?

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