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In this 3-Minute Research Report, you will report on a specific population of cl

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In this 3-Minute Research Report, you will report on a specific population of clients that could benefit from a horticultural therapy program. You can report on any group of clients but you must use information drafted in the last 10 years to support your research report. Remember you can use your UF credentials to access the UF online library system to find credible information on your chosen client group: (Links to an external site.) and you can review the library resource videos for help in finding relevant research studies. If you are having difficulty in your search, contact a research librarian by clicking on the Library Research button in the left navigation column.
You will present your report with a short narrated PowerPoint presentation and you must cover the items below in a clear, concise manner in 3 minutes. Here are instructions for creating a narrated PowerPoint.
The following things should be in your report:
1. Program introduction to include:
Your name
Client group (dementia, adults w/ASD, PTSD, addictions, etc.)
Client age group (children, teenagers, emerging adults, etc.)
Source of information (use citations/references)
2. Short description of client population to include:
Explanation of disease/disability/disorder & potential cause(s)
Common physical function issues
Common cognitive issues
Common psychological issues
3. Describe the program model (therapeutic, vocational, wellness) best suited for your client group and explain why.
4. Suggest a long-term goal well-suited for your client group.
5. Describe a safety concern to be aware of with your client group.
** make your summary brief but concise!

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