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In this assignment, you have the opportunity to practice the citizenship skills

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In this assignment, you have the opportunity to practice the citizenship skills of critical reading, writing, thinking, and political vision. Theme 4: Ideas About Equality and Liberty Do you see the biblical, republican, liberal, and democratic themes at work? How do these themes give different meanings to the terms “equality” and “liberty?” Where do you see a tension or even contradiction between liberty and equality? What is the relationship between democracy and equality in a liberal-democratic state? Social movements for equality such as Women’s Suffrage and Abolition. How do ideas associated with equality and liberty show up in movements for equality like Women’s Suffrage and Abolition? What is the role of backlash and countermovements in the name of state’s rights and/or individual liberty? What is the role of the principle of majority rule in social movement politics? What is the relationship to what Tocqueville called “democratic despotism?” Thematic analysis explores the meaning and significance of an important idea, concept, phenomenon, question or problem. It is inherently comparative, and you must draw on several course readings in order to properly analyze a theme. You must draw on a minimum of four required readings which were assigned after Thematic Analysis Paper 3. Do not use direct quotation. Put ideas in your own words and cite with page number. See the handout: “Guidelines to Writing Analysis Papers” posted on D2L. Write a two to three-page, double-spaced, thematic analysis. Do not attempt to address all the topics/questions under the theme. Instead, focus on the ideas of equality and liberty and bring in the other prompts as needed to complete your thematic analysis paper. Your analysis must be grounded in the class discussion and course readings with page numbers. Each analysis paper must incorporate an item from current events that supports or illustrates an argument you make in the paper. You may use the same article in your Facebook post. The current events article helps you link what you are learning in class to the real world of politics. This linkage between learning and reality is the basis of one’s political vision. Develop your political vision skills by using your current events article to frame your paper and to support your thesis or argument. In the final paragraph, practice your 21st century citizenship skills and reflect on (a) why your argument and/or thesis is meaningful to you and (b) why it is significant for contemporary American politics. Support your reflections with evidence drawn from this week’s readings, your current events article, and/or other course readings. Grading Rubric: Argument/Thesis (purpose statement; spelling/grammar) 20%  Evidence and Support (four readings and citations with page numbers) 20  Thematic Analysis 2 0  Current Events 20  Meaning and Significance 20

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