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In this essay with emphasis on argument, you will write with a specific purpose

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In this essay with emphasis on argument, you will write with a specific purpose and for a specific audience. The art of persuasion in the workplace is so important that many businesses bring in educational consultants to teach employees how, why, and when to be persuasive. Often these companies charge several thousands of dollars for their expertise; however, to save money, your boss has asked you to write an essay that will be given to all employees explaining the art of persuasion and why it is a necessary skill in your workplace. In order for employees to understand what they are being asked to do, you should incorporate an extended definition of what good persuasion is, and possibly contrast it with what good persuasion is not. You may also want to incorporate scenarios that demonstrate both good and bad examples to help your audience fully understand how and when to be persuasive. Perhaps you work at an advertising company. One of your jobs is to acquire new client accounts, and persuading them to sign with you usually involves a key presentation. As the writer of this essay, you could give an example of one of your best presentations, explaining what was done correctly and why it worked. You could also give an example of one of your worst presentations, emphasizing what was done incorrectly. You will want to review Chapter 8, ” Description,” Chapter 11, ” Process,” Chapter 13, ” Comparison and/ or Contrast,” and Chapter 14, ” Definition,” to help create a strong, persuasive essay.
Writing Requirements
3–4 pages in length, in APA format (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
Use  APA writing style
Please cite and reference two or more sources 

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