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In this essay you will explore a problem related to science  and  technology  an

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In this essay you will explore a problem related to science  and  technology  and  propose  a  solution. The  purpose  of  a  problem-solution essay is to motivate the reader to act on and think about the problem and the solution presented.  Using  the  problem-solution  analytical  strategy  allows  you  to  organize  your  essay  into  sections  that  each  serves  a  different  purpose.    One  section  of  your  essay  will  present,  define,  and  explain  the  problem.    Another  section  of  your  essay  will  present,  define,  and  explain  the  solution to that problem.  For  this  assignment,  you  will  use  both  assigned  and  outside  research  sources  as  evidence  to  define  and  explain  your  essay’s  problem  and  its  solution.  NOTE:    The  solution  you  choose  to  solve the problem should be based on evidence from your sources, not just your personal idea about a possible solution. Use MLA in-text  source  citation  to  give  credit  to  your  outside  sources  &  include  a works Cited Page listing your sources.  
Reading from Radical Evolution: Ch. 6, Prevail Scenario, Pages 189-205, 210-223
Final Essay: 2 pages with MLA, in-text citation & works cited page:   Write:
1.) Identifies, explains, and defines a problem taken from/connected to your selected chapter of Radical Evolution;
2.) Incorporates 3-5 outside sources as evidence for proposing a solution to the problem;
3.)  Uses  specific  examples  and  support  quotes  from both the  assigned  chapter  and  your  outside research sources;
4.)  Includes  M.L.A. in-text  citation & works cited  Page  (Works  Cited  Page  does  not  count  towards the essay page length). Your essay must include balanced and thorough direct discussions/explanations of both assigned and outside research sources (use Nuts and Bolts of College writing Ch 6).  Underline your thesis statement.

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