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In this Module, you will use some of the skills and terminology from earlier in

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In this Module, you will use some of the skills and terminology from earlier in the course. The end product will be your own digitized text. Your finished product will include artwork (custom-made or borrowed for the assignment) and will demonstrate your knowledge of placement, headings, hyperlinks, graphics, and general design.  Check your class calendar for assignment and final draft due dates.
You may choose a paper you’ve already written for another course, something that you think might be a good candidate for this kind of assignment. You will want to include at least three hyperlinks within the text, but you can also include other elements of design, such as graphics and photos. The first 
Assignment 1
Reading Assignment: Review the textbook information regarding formatting and designing an online site (Ch.6). Think in terms of text: where to place the text on the page and font choice and color. Do some extra reading online about the importance of text style and placement in the online environment. For instance, how should text be designed for optimal online reading? What about colors? 
Assignment 2
Assignment: This module does not have to be focused on creative literature! Choose a paper related to your own specific major or discipline that you have previously written for another course (3-5 pages in length).
1) Find appropriate graphics to illustrate the text chosen.
2) Look for effective placement of graphics (one graphic per page of text).
3) Start redesigning actual text into chunks with adequate white space.
4) Look for words and phrases to hyperlink to add layers of information. 
5) It is imperative that the hyperlinks function and that they lead to real sites. 
6) Create the first draft. 
Assignment 3
Writing Assignment: Edit your first draft and produce a second draft of your digitized text.
Writing Assignment: Let your second draft sit for at least two days, then re-edit it. This is not a writing intensive class; however, grammar and spelling count! Submit the digitized site to your instructor via the digital dropbox. This is your FINAL DRAFT!

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