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Individual task You were just named the chief marketing officer (CMO) of a B2B c

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Individual task
You were just named the chief marketing officer (CMO) of a B2B company of your choice. You are to write a marketing plan the company for 2021.
The objective of the assignment is to describe in detail the components of an industrial marketing plan.
You are to examine the brand situation and based in your findings and on the content in the course material and other reference sources, you will build
an industrial marketing plan that must be customer centered.
Expected table of contents:
o Define the market.The market is defined by the product-market matrix and ist aken from the perspective of the customer. Which is you most profitable set of customers? What are they really buying? What do they value the most?
o Analyze the situation. Understand the market, the industry, the competition ,and company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.o Identify problems and opportunities.The see merge during the situational analysis and provide a basis for matching a firm’s strength with a market need.
o Break goals down in to concrete objectives.Objectives should bereal is tic and measurable and should flow logically from afirm’s strengths.o Develop an integrated strategy for each element of the marketing mix.Each element requires its own set of tactics in the context of a
comprehensive strategy. At least eight (8) tactics should be developed.
o Determine budget sandas sign responsibility for each tactic.Each tactic would have a timeline and a deliverable. Responsibility for execution
can reside with an individual or on an area.
o BuildKPI’s.What metrics are going to be used to measure the performance and tosee if any adjustments are required.
• The task should be submitted in a document form uploaded as pdf.

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