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Instructions: From your informed perspective, write about 300-600 words in respo

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Instructions: From your informed perspective, write about 300-600 words in response to the Discussion Topics and Questions below. 
Discussion Questions: 
How do you define marketing? Why is market research so important for a successful marketing campaign? For Thursday’s class, what example did you use as a successful social media marketing campaign? Based on this week’s lectures, what are several things you would do for a successful marketing campaign in your area of interest? 
Answer Example: 
1. Marketing is how you conduct outreach for your product or service. For this class it can be how you choose to show your music to the general public and the different demographics within it.
Market research is important for a successful marketing campaign because you have to know your audience. If you can look at detailed analytics about your following then you can tailor your marketing around them. You can turn casual fans into stans. On the flip side, you can also research what demographics your music doesn’t reach but has potential to be successful in. Market research is about strengthening and growing your fan-base.
I used artikque’s tik toks as a successful marketing campaign. Basically, he posted tik toks of popular house DJs reacting to his songs through twitch. I remember he posted one where his song made AC Slater stand out of his seat and start dancing. Being able to garner such a positive response from an established DJ personally made me want to check out his music. Also i think it’s smart Artikque is doing this because the tik tok algorithm seems to align people’s feed with their hobbies. I can safely assume that the majority of people who saw artikque’s tik toks already have a passion for house music. Tik tok connects those people and assists with music discovery that way.
If i were to run a marketing campaign I would use tik tok, twitter and instagram. I’d combine all of these platforms with a linktree. On tik tok I would post snippets from live concerts as well as background music for dancing tik toks. On twitter, I’d post EDM related memes and maybe a couple musical hot takes to stir the pot; I’d advertise sparingly on twitter. I’d do the bulk of my ‘overt’ advertising on instagram but still buffer it with concert pics, personal photos, and engaging story polls. I’d constantly be referring to my other social media through links.
2. Marketing is the tools that you use to promote your work, product, or service. Market research is important to successful marketing campaigns because it allows you to understand what methods work the best and how many people you are reaching. It can also tell you more about the demographics of the people interacting with your campaign and help you to cater your future efforts to appeal to your target group. For thursdays class I used the example of Spotify Wrapped. This is less of an individual promoting their work and more of the platform promoting itself. Wrapped is basically a pop up sent to users that can be viewed in a similar way as a social media story feature, meaning you tap through it to see every page. It uses information collected within the app about your listening habits, how much time you spend listening to music, which artists you listen to the most, and which genres you listen to the most over the course of the year. It is presented in visually appealing and very organized slides. At the end of the presentation the app asks you to share your stats on other social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. In my personal life I can say I see anywhere from 20-30 people posting their Wrapped list on other platforms and I do not really use social media. Up until I used social media I had no idea that the Spotify service provided that every year. I think that this is a good example of successful marketing because it advertises not only their streaming service, but also the way that the service functions. People find it interesting to look at their personal statistics and want to share their results with others. The service also encourages the use of hashtags such as #wrapped2020 or #spotifywrapped to further engage other social media sites with their service. From this week’s lecture I have learned that it is in your best interest to vary the types of posts that you are making as well as post on multiple platforms. I would want to utilize apps like Twitter for quick announcements or interactions with other users, but something like Instagram to showcase what I was trying to promote in a more detailed way. I also learned that posting links via social media can be very efficient. I think I would utilize links to send people to either a website that is specific to what I am promoting or to a personal youtube channel.

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