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Instructions: Topic  is Schizophrenic Disorder Submit a 3-5 page (excluding titl

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Instructions: Topic  is Schizophrenic Disorder
Submit a 3-5 page (excluding title page, abstract, and reference pages) outline of your paper. The submission needs to include:
An APA style title page on page 1 
Remember, you are not required to use a running header, but if you do include one it needs to be formatted correctly.
You DO need to include page numbering
A draft of your Abstract on page 2 
This should be a short paragraph, approx. 4-6 sentences at this point
Starting on page 3, you need to have 3-5 pages of outlined information including ALL of the following:
7 Sections: Introduction, DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria, Incidence & Prevalence, Theoretical Perspectives, Treatments, Case Study, Conclusion
You can have additional sections or subsections as needed, but the 7 above must be included at a minimum.
Each section needs to include a properly formatted section header and have a multi-level bulleted list of the information you plan to use in that section.
NOTE: The information in this assignment description is a great example of what your outline should look like in terms of the multi-level bulleted list! Also check out the sample outline linked here for another example. 
The last page(s) must include your full references page(s), with a minimum of 10 APA style formatted references.
Include just the reference list, like what you submitted during Module 2, but do NOT include the annotations from your Annotated Bibliography assignment in Module 3. These annotations are just a tool to help you with the writing process and should not be included in any future assignment submissions. 
There is an APA style sample outline attached for your reference.
Remember, all information taken from outside sources must be paraphrased (completely in your own words) or quoted (for pieces of information where you can’t rewrite without changing the meaning), and include APA style in-text citations. 
APA Project Outline Sample.pdf(79.4 KB 

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