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Instructions Part 1: Team Submission As a team describe the specific terms that

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Part 1: Team Submission
As a team describe the specific terms that you were able to negotiate with your counterpart. One member from the team will submit the document. Describe in some detail your negotiations. What were the relationships between the parties? What issues were on the table?
Part 2: Individual Submissions
Individually, write and submit a reflection paper addressing the following questions:
Analyze your strengths in this negotiation.  Your weaknesses? Are there insights you have gained from this course that might have made a difference? In the process? In the outcome?
How did you prepare yourself for the negotiations?
What did you do to build relationships with the other party? How difficult or easy was it to do? How did these relationships affect the outcomes?
What tactics did the other side employ? How did you respond to those tactics?
Did you encounter any ethical issues in their negotiations? If so, how did you resolve the issues?
If you were to engage in this negotiation with these facts and parties, what would you do differently?
Identify the one major lesson you will take away from this course that will help you negotiate more effectively in the future.
The grading rubric, which represents the performance expectations for this assignment, is located below.
To submit, select Submit Assignment, then under the File Upload tab click Browse and locate and select your paper from your operating system, add any comments for your instructor in the comments box (optional), then click submit Assignment.
Week 7: Learning Materials
Last week we began our analysis of changes in the workplace that may change labor relations in the future. This week we will take into account criticisms regarding the existing system and consider new directions for companies and unions. Among the alternatives considered by unions may include such approaches as solidarity unionism, social movement unionism, employee ownership unionism, efficiency enhancing unionism, employee empowerment unionism, and associational unionism. For employers new norms for corporate behavior may lead to stakeholder governance instead of shareholder governance, a broader sense of corporate responsibility, or other longer-term perspectives regarding labor relations. At the same time, political and economic realities may lead to changes in national public policy and multinational labor agreements that establish a new foundation for balancing the needs and rights of employees and employers. As our course wraps up, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on the right balance point of efficiency, equity and voice.
Learning Outcomes
Identify concepts and principles related to labor relations
Discuss the pros and cons of requiring consultation rights for a union that represents less than a majority of employees in a firm
Argue whether or not a minority union should have consultation rights if there already exists a union that represents the majority of employees in the firm
Describe the specific terms that you were able to negotiate with the counterpart team in the collective bargaining role play simulation
Budd, J.S. (2021). Labor Relations: Striking a Balance (6th ed.).
Chapter 13: What Should Labor Relations Do
Video: Labor Secretary Reflects on the Future of Unions

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