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Instructions Select an article from a peer-reviewed journal that discusses work-

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Select an article from a peer-reviewed journal that discusses work-related injuries. This does not have to be limited to EMS, so you can expand your search to related fields in public safety or healthcare. The purpose of this activity is to assist you with becoming more comfortable locating industry best practices that would be used to develop organizational policies and potentially prevent injuries in the workplace. Considering the diversity within EMS (i.e., ethnicity, language, religious, cultural differences), could there potentially be challenges with compliance with all injury prevention recommendations? In some cases, you may locate an article that allows you to analyze an incident with a poor outcome so that you can avoid repeating the circumstances that contributed to the negative outcome.
Your article review should:
identify the main topic/issue/question,
include a summary of the article,
discuss how the article applies to EMS work environments and injuries, and
identify any social or cultural aspects of EMS personnel that may affect their compliance with safety recommendations.
Your article review should be at least two pages. It must be written using APA format, and your sources should be cited and/or referenced in APA format.

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