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Instructions SKILLS ASSESSMENT PROJECT As you begin to brainstorm, building a re

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As you begin to brainstorm, building a representation of yourself, take some time to think about what it means to be a professional health care provider.  
1.   Evaluate your attributes.  What attributes/assets do you possess that are associated with being a health care provider?  
2.   Examine your value system.  What values do you possess that would be necessary to be an effective dental assistant?
3.   What skills do you have or are developing that makes you a significant dental assisting professional?
You are required to list a minimum of FIVE skills. The Assignment Rubric will be used to grade your work.
Prepare an Assessment of Your Skills
List your Skill 
Research and Define the Skill 
Discuss how the skill would be an asset to the success of a dental office 
Provide a thorough well-thought-out example of the skill
Discuss how the skill will specifically relate to the goals of a dental office
1.         Communication (listed skill)
Processing information to another party in an effective way such that the message is retrieved correctly (citation). (defined skill)
Good communication with patients will provide clear direction and expectations which again will result in fewer errors or conflicts with accounts or treatments.  The ability to clearly relay instructions or directions increases the productivity in the dental office since the number of conflicts is reduced due to the ability to concisely relay direction. (discussed skill)
Researched the skill for its applicable definition with an intext citation
Five skills, their definitions and are discussed with examples
Free of Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuations Errors
Clarity of Thought                                                                                                                
Bibliography Page
Pages are numbered
Arial Font Size 12 
APA format for bibliography and intext citation

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