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Instructions This assignment requires the Development of a Business Plan to open

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This assignment requires the Development of a Business Plan to open a Childcare Center in your city. A business plan is an essential roadmap for a Childcare Center’s success. It has several specific requirements. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly. This is a long-term assignment and requires research. Please be sure to start immediately.
Business Plan Instructions: 
Below you will find specific requirements to include in your final Business Plan for opening a Childcare Center in SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. Please be sure that your work is original in nature. No part of your assignment can be copied from any internet or outside source.
Provide a detailed description of the child care center to include the physical space and who the center will serve
Identify the resources you are using to develop your plan. 
Identify all staff that will be working at the center in any capacity. List the education requirements, if any, of the staff.
Identify the necessary licenses needed to open a daycare center. 
Describe the age range of the infants and/or toddlers that you will serve.
Explain the child to teacher ratio that you will use in your center
Describe the furniture and other materials needed.
Identify what makes your childcare unique from all of the other childcare centers in your city
Will you lease or own a location? 
What insurances are necessary to open a childcare center in your city?
Are permits necessary?
How will you secure funding for the childcare center?
How do you plan to market your childcare center?
How will you assure the infants and toddlers are safe while in your care?
Identify the goals you would like to achieve with your childcare business process. Describe realistic and attainable goals.
Does your state require specific training for your employees? 
Identify your hours of operation. 
This assignment should flow in logical order. Please be sure to address each item in the list in detail. Single word answers are not sufficient. Provide complete and detailed information. The format of this assignment is your decision. You can submit as a PowerPoint if you desire or you may create in a word document. Pictures are acceptable as part of your plan.
This assignment requires a cover page and References page, each in APA format, but not an abstract as this is not an essay writing assignment.
Grading Rubric
Possible Points
Provides a detailed description of the childcare center to include the physical space, staffing and who the center will serve
Identified the operating requirements of your state/city to include permits, licensing, training
Identified the target market, funding and the benefits of infants and toddler enrolling   
Clearly identified the goals and objectives for the childcare center. Goals are realistic and attainable
Evidence of research for materials/content is listed using APA format
Clarity of  writing style

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