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Interpreting Global Literary Texts with a Focus on Multiculturalism Directions:

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Interpreting Global Literary Texts with a Focus on Multiculturalism
Directions: Write a 7-8 page literary interpretation paper, in 12 point standard font with one inch margins, using at least FIVE of the selected readings throughout the semester. The readings are:
The Tain
The Wife of Bath
One thousand and one nights
The Illiad
The tale of Osiris and Isis
Use a general theme that you feel exists in all of your 5 chosen works. THE THEME IS THE ROLE AND POWER OF WOMEN IN HISTORY AND IN DIFFERENT CULTURES. Trace this theme throughout your global works, and very important, have a multicultural purpose for doing this. For example: If you choose the theme that defines a hero as someone who defies societal structures like government, religion, and tradition, then you should analyze, through the use of your interpretations of the 5 global texts, if your definition of a hero can be applied to the different cultures that produced each work. Discuss the culture as you discuss the text in relation to your theme. Use your detailed discussions of texts as specific examples of cultural heroes throughout a larger discussion of how your theme of a hero changes or remains the same within the different cultures. Be sure to tie the paper together with a multicultural focus on your theme.
Also, very important, the vast majority of your paper must be an interpretation of the works, which means I do not want you to simply summarize the events of the poem, short story, or play. I have read all the works, so I know the plot; I want your unique interpretation on what the hidden meanings of the works are.
You also need to include at least three researched literary interpretation sources. You can find these on the online academic journals provided by the UMC library, or you can obtain them from general online sources, as long as I have approved their credibility. I suggest you know your personal interpretations intimately before you start looking at other critics’ interpretations, so that you won’t be swayed by their opinions. You should use these interpretations throughout your paper to either support a point that you are making, or to show how a critic’s interpretation is short-sighted, and how yours is superior. Sources to use:

Dangerous Women: Gender Themes in One Thousand and One Nights and the Odyssey

Women and goddesses of the Trojan War

The Tale of Osiris and Isis

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