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Introduction to Representation What is culture and what is the relationship be

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Introduction to Representation What is culture and what is the relationship between representation and culture? This assignment is designed to guide you towards key points in the materials for the module. As you move through the materials in the module, please fill out the blank columns. You may write in complete sentences or just take notes. This will be your study guide for the discussion, module quiz, and Final Exam, so you should take notes in a way that is most helpful for you.
You can either download this handout as a Word document, type in your responses, and then re-save the file with your notes and upload it to the submission box. Or, you can print out the file and handwrite your notes on it and take a photo to submit to the submission box. Either typed or handwritten responses are fine. You are welcome to quote and paraphrase from the readings in the textbook, but you are NOT allowed to Google the answers to the questions, or to get the answers from a classmate. These are violations of academic integrity (see syllabus for more information). These notes should be your work. The Notetaking Assignment is designed to help you be successful on the assessments in the course. The name of the learning resource has been listed for you on the left. In the second column write down the publication/creation date for the material. Think about the significance of the date as you fill in that part of the chart (Ask yourself how the time period affects the meaning of the work? You don’t have to necessarily write this answer down, but be mindful that the readings come from different time periods and that time period affects the social, historical, and political contexts in which they were written.). Guiding questions are listed for you in the third column. Write your answer to them in the fourth column. Then note anything else you want in the last column. Remember this notetaking handout is designed to help you be successful on the future assignments for the module, so noting down other information will be useful for you so that you can refer back to it quickly. For example, if there was a quote that you found very meaningful—maybe because it captured some of the main points in the reading—you could use the last column to note the page number. You might also use the last column to note your reaction to the reading or work. Did you find it interesting? Did you learn something new? Did you like it? Did it make you angry? Finally, you might use the last column to note any questions you want to follow up on—things you didn’t understand or things you want to think more about. This final column is for you. Write down whatever is useful for you.
How does language structure meaning? What is the circuit of culture? Critical Thinking about Inequality What is intersectionality? Why is intersectional analysis a useful tool? Why is it important to center the experiences of people of color? What does “complicating identity” mean? What is structural power and what are structural inequalities? What is disciplinary power? What is hegemonic power? What is interpersonal power? How does intersectional analysis promote social justice? On Being an American Does Mencken like being an American? Why or why not? Middletown Faces Both Ways On page 349 the Lynds provide clips from editorials published in Middletown. They are critical of these editorials – why? What do they think is wrong with the perspective that comes through in the editorials? Intro to Semiotics What is semiotics? Explain signifier and signified.

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