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Introduction Examination of real-world issues of Organizational behavior (OB) th

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Examination of real-world issues of Organizational behavior (OB) through in-depth inquiry is an essential competency for both leaders and managers. To identify best practices, a comprehensive understanding of contemporary challenges and opportunities present in the workforce necessitates improving the engagement of stakeholders. Hence, the confluence of global business environments, technology, and human psychology requires keen awareness and specific skillsets. Appreciation of why individuals and groups behave in predictable ways within a corporate setting offers valuable insights for gaining a competitive advantage.
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Using the topic/issue approved by the instructor in unit 1, students will develop a 10-minute presentation of at least 10-15 PowerPoint slides of content. In their deliverable students should:
provide an introduction of the topic or issue, and identify how and reason for its selection
evaluate the business context in which the matter arises
assess the organizational levels as well as various internal and external stakeholders impacted, as well as the importance of the topic or issue’s resolution to strategic objectives
evaluate opportunities and challenges relative to the topic or issue
scrutinize applicable models for implementing organizational change, critical thinking, and decision-making that impact the behaviors of leaders and employees
appraise behavior in organizations relative to best practices for leaders/leadership that lead to predictable outcomes
offer support from the text as well as other appropriate business sources via a reference slide (not counted as part of the 10-15 slides of content)

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