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Just respond to this post. 100 words Average Useful Life – 11 Average Age – 7 As

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Just respond to this post. 100 words
Average Useful Life – 11
Average Age – 7
Asset Turnover Ratio – .84
Accounts Receivable Turnover – 7.32 times
Apple cranks out products constantly. The average useful life tells me that the products created have an average useful life of 11 years. Personally, I find this to be intriguing because I am not the person to constantly have the newest phone. One thing about Apple is that they always find new ways to sell a “new” product even though they put out an almost identical product a few months prior and that product ends up having a high resale value due to the useful life. But on the same hand, as I mentioned, if people ever get sick of buying new stuff all the time (which will never happen) I find this a little discouraging because as often as new products are coming out, as an investor, I want people purchasing new products. All of the numbers work for me as an investor, simply because of who the company is and the revenue they produce.
If Apple were in different industry and had these numbers or if we were not in the height of the technological era, I would have some concern, but Apple has found a way to sell salt to a slug. I mean seriously, they got rid of the headphone jack in the phone and then created an adapter to go into the charging port to hook headphones up to (and some other things). Then they came out with the AirPods. So, being where we are in our world, I have no problem with Apple and their numbers because no matter what, it seems like they will always find a way to make a product that people are going to purchase.
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