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Kara and John are Asian American high school seniors who have just found out she

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Kara and John are Asian American high school seniors who have just found out she is pregnant.  They have not told their parents yet.  Kara wants to keep her baby, but John is not sure how he feels.  Kara’s family are Buddhists, and John’s family claims no religion. They have both been planning to attend college out of state next year.  They would like a counselor to include their families in providing counseling support.
Title Page: Include an abbreviated version of the paper title in the left header, all-capitalized (for example, if the paper title was Multiculturally Sensitive Counseling Case Study, the left header might be: CASE STUDY).  Page numbers begin on the title page in the right header (number only).  Centered on the title page, 3 or 4 lines down from the top of the page, in bold, is the Paper Title. Then double-space twice below the paper title and put Your Name. Double-space once below your name and put Liberty University (no other information).  Follow current APA professional style standards.  Please refer to the LU Writing Center for APA guidance and templates.
The title of the paper is repeated on the first page of the body of your paper.  Center and bold the paper title.  Begin your paper with a brief introductory paragraph where you explain what you plan to cover in your paper, and why it is important (there is no heading for the introduction).  An abstract is not required for this assignment.  The body of the paper must be 5-7 pages for full credit (this does not count the title page or references).  Use the following headings for sections in your paper.
Local Community Resources and Supports
Research two local agencies that would be good resources for the client(s) you are assisting.  These should be local community agencies (not websites or hotlines). Summarize what services each resource provides, explain any associated costs, describe the intake requirements and process, and explain how these agencies could be useful in supporting the client(s) you are working with, with emphasis on cultural sensitivity.  You will need to cite and reference the agencies. This is an opportunity for you to explore and learn more about local resources that are sensitive to meeting multicultural needs.  This section should be 2 pages (1 page per resource).
Cultural Research
If you were the human services professional working with these clients, consider what research you would want to do in preparation.  Use at least three peer-reviewed journal articles dated within the last 5 years in this section.  Look for current, relevant research to increase your knowledge of culture and techniques that would improve your multicultural sensitivity in working with these specific clients.  This section should be approximately 2-3 pages.
Reflect on what you discovered while researching for local resources and supports, and while doing cultural research.  How multiculturally sensitive did you find your community and religious supports?  Did the process of researching resources and literature better prepare you for addressing cultural needs?  Do you think you could potentially experience any biases or limitations in working with these clients?  This section should be approximately ½-1 page.
End with a brief conclusion paragraph where you summarize what you covered in your paper. What additional research do you believe is necessary on the cultural topics you explored?
After you conclude your paper, begin the references on a new page.  Center (bold) the References heading at the top of the page. You need at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles dated within the past 5 years, in an alphabetized list.  Every source that you include in the references should be cited in your paper.  Double-spaced.  You may also include our course textbook as an additional source.
Additional notes regarding your case study:
Reserve the use of direct quotes for the most significant information that it would be difficult to put into your own words and cite.  Do not use lengthy quotes (no quotes that are 40 or more words).  You may use first-person pronouns (I, my, me, mine) in the case study.  The case study is meant to be brief and introductory; do not add to or attempt to finish the case scenario. 
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

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