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Keep in mind that this is not a research paper, so while you may use outside sou

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Keep in mind that this is not a research paper, so while you may use outside sources to remind yourself of things, an essay answer filled with information we did not discuss in class will not help you. Likewise, remember this is based on lecture material, not the primary sources. You can mention those sources if you like, but this is not and should not be a critical review essay on primary sources, for example. In general, while you can use whatever resources you want for context, you should write as if you are writing an in-class exam essay, not a paper.
Answers should be around 5-10 paragraphs- make sure to fully answer the questions.
1) Describe and explain economic developments in Western Europe (ie not countries in the
Soviet sphere of influence- this is a question about capitalism) beginning after World War II. How did Europe recover from the war? How did government attitudes toward and actions in the
economy change over time in the decades since the war?
2) Describe and explain the rise of fascism in the early 20th century. How is it related to the
rise of nationalism in the 19th century? How did fascists successfully gain power in several countries in Europe?

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