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KIN 484: Upper Body Variations Lab Application Questions Please answer the follo

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KIN 484: Upper Body Variations Lab
Application Questions
Please answer the following questions. Be thorough and specific.  
Use your own words and examples.
If you had to choose one, which hand position do you think would be most likely to result in greater latissimus dorsi activation during the lat pulldown? Why? 5 sentences
Does biceps activity change when changing from a pronated grip to a supinated grip during the lat pulldown? If so, how does it change? 5 sentences
Is the clavicular head of the pectoralis major more or less active when using a wide versus a narrow grip on the flat bench press? 5 sentences
Would an incline press or a decline press recruit the clavicular head of the pectoral major more?  5 sentences
Replies to professional post
Can anyone describe an experience where you had to gain someone’s trust to establish your credibility with them?
Replies to classmates and be constructive and professional.
Yolanda post
The probability that has the notion in an experiment can be from deciding who’s going first in a challenge or a random selection. Outcomes can be the variation the variety of the possibility depending on what is being given to determine it, such as a die or a survey of some sort. Simple space is all the outcomes being reveled depending on the numbers also avenues that is being given such as numbers on a ballot in a election.
This can be useful to use because we simply use it in our everyday life rather if it is driving to the grocery story or picking up kids from school or practices. For an example, looking up direction to go to a doctors appointment on google maps. It usually give me 3 major ways in order to get to the doctors office in #1 the fastest rout with tolls, or #2 no tolls but slightly longer, or #3 a highway rout. But when looking on the map there may be 2 to 3 other options that google maps did not give me because it could be some type of delay or because simply it never worked out in the past or because it hasn’t been updated or documented. But knowing and seeing the probability of the possible outcome in getting to the doctors on time or slightly not on time is a great way knowing a head of time in any given circumstances.
Lauro post
For me, probability is the likelihood of a particular event or outcome to occur. The sample space is all possible outcomes of an experiment, also called random trial. In an experiment, a sample of elements (people, objects, animals, etc.) is randomly selected to participate in the experiment. Outcome is a particular result of an experiment.
From my childhood, I remember the mythological tale of Oedipus that my grandfather used to tell me. There was a sphinx at the entrance of a city, who would ask a particular riddle to all people passing near her. There was a 50 percent chance to answer the riddle right, and successfully pass, or 50 percent chance to answer it wrongly, and be devoured.
In a more complex scenario, I recalled from a law class that there was a study conducted among 100 applicants for asylum in immigration court, who had to be evaluated by a particular immigration judge. This judge had an approval rate of asylum cases of 60%. Studying past approved cases, candidates discovered that out of the 60% approvals, half of those were cases of persecution for sexual orientation, 30% were religious persecution cases, and 20% were politically related issues. In other words, the probability of a sexual orientation case of being approved was 30%, a religious persecution one was 18%, and a political persecution case was 12%.

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