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Legalizing Marijuana I.  Introduction 1.  Marijuana should be legalized througho

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Legalizing Marijuana
I.  Introduction
1.  Marijuana should be legalized throughout the whole country because the legalization would bring economic benefits.
2.  Such as creation of new jobs, tax revenue, and even freeing past marijuana offenders in jail. Not only does the legalization help economically, it will help many people medically for people who are in states where Marijuana is illegal medically, and recreationally.
II.  Body
A.  Tax Revenue
1.  The Benefits of tax revenue
2.  How to get tax revenue
3.  How tax revenue increased in legal states
B.  Saving from criminal justice system
1.  More money for budgets
2.  Less crowded jails
3.  Helps find justice for many people
C.  Medical reasons
1.  Helps people with diseases
2.  How to use it
3.  More awareness
ok good topic.  Make the topic thesis just a bit more focused when writing the final.  Something like:
Topic: Benefits of legalized Marijuana throughout the whole country
The rest of the write up can be used to support the topic thesis. – professor noted 
You don’t have any peer-reviewed reference. A good scientific research paper includes mostly (and in sequential order)
1. journals,
2. conference proceedings,
3. books,
4. dissertations/thesis, and
5. website
Please resubmit this assignment and add more peer reviewed references.

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