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Link is below under questions Chapter 5 tackles the subject of physician employm

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Link is below under questions
Chapter 5 tackles the subject of physician employment.  The employment of hospitalists is a growing trend.  For this assignment, you will read this article, (Links to an external site.) then answer the following questions regarding the use of hospitalists versus primary care physicians as care providers for admitted patients.  Before reading the article, make sure to read the section in Chapter 5 “Employment and Earnings of Physicians”.  After reading the article and the text, answer the following questions in 300 words or more in paragraph format (5 or more sentences, correct spelling a grammar, one or more paragraphs).  Do NOT respond in questions and answer format.  Thoughtfully respond to one or more classmates after you submit your original post.  Remember to use your own words.  There are comments at the end of the article; don’t make the mistake of plagairizing their words.  I want your opinion, not someone else’s.
What is a hospitalist?
What is the difference between a hospitalist and a primary care physician?  
Why is the number of hospitalists growing?
What did the results of the study indicate?
Although the study has not been replicated for reliability, what did you learn from the study?  How did the results make you feel?  
If the study is repeated and the results turn out to be reliable, what changes would you recommend?  If you do not recommend changes, explain why.

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