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Linux Users, Groups, and Permissions Lab Objective: Understand how to create use

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Linux Users, Groups, and Permissions Lab
Understand how to create user accounts
Understand how to create group accounts
Creating good password policies
Understanding permissions and file sharing
You will need a Ubuntu Server VM
Walk Through:
You are a system administrator who has been tasked to create user accounts for new users on your system. You can pick whatever theme you like as long as there are protagonist and antagonist users:  i.e. Super Hero’s and Villains, Harry Potter Characters, or other interests of yours.
Create 2 groups:
One for the Protagonists
One for the Antagonists
Create 5 users:
2 Protagonists
2 Antagonists
1 Neutral – Can access both group’s files
User Configuration:
Each user will have their own home directory that only they can access.
Users must change their password when they first log in.
Users are required to change their password after 6 months.
Required Directories in /home:
1. Share – Anyone can access this directory to add or remove
2. Protagonists – Only the protagonists group can add or remove
3. Antagonists – Only the antagonists group can add or remove
***Directory names can be named based on your current theme***
Ensure that you test that each account is working by either switching users, or logging in as different users.
What to Submit:
Submit a lab report documenting your process.
Make sure to include:
A screenshot of the listing of the /home directory of the system showing the users home directories and the additional group directories.
A screenshot showing the listing of the file /etc/groups.
Screenshots that shows the permissions of the protagonists and antagonists directories.
Output from the chage -l for each of the five users.
Upon Completion You Should:
Be able to use user management commands to create and modify users
Be able to use group management commands to create and modify groups
Be able to modify permission to allow individuals access based on group or permissions level

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