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Looking back at your work last week regarding crime scene investigation and the

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Looking back at your work last week regarding crime scene investigation and the responsibilities of a police officer, consider your role as the first responding law enforcement officer at a crime scene. What would be your top three (3) responsibilities when you arrive at the crime scene?  Provide a rationale. Describe the actions you will take at the scene to complete your responsibilities.
Then, respond to the posts of at least two (2) other peers with comments that continue to drive the discussion.
Week 4 HOT TOPIC: Extra Credit
At least 19 women at a Georgia immigration facility are now alleging that a doctor performed, or pressured them to undergo, “overly aggressive” or “medically unnecessary” surgery without their consent, including procedures such as hysterectomies, that affect their ability to have children, according to a new report and other records obtained by The Times..
Project South and other advocacy groups, as well as more than 170 members of Congress, have called for wide-ranging investigations into the Irwin County Detention Center after a former nurse at Irwin filed a whistleblower complaint last month saying that a doctor later identified as Mahendra Amin was subjecting female detainees in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody to unwanted hysterectomies.  Amin has denied any wrongdoing and the hospital has said that just two such procedures have been performed on detainees since 2017.
The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General opened an investigation into the center last month.  Chicago lawyer Adam Snyder said Friday that he helped assemble an independent team of medical experts, including nine board-certified obstetricians, to examine women’s claims of subpar treatment after Project South released the whistleblower complaint from former nurse Dawn Wooten.The team, which briefed congressional staff members on their findings Thursday, said in a five-page report obtained by The Washington Post that it reviewed more than 3,200 pages of medical records from 19 women who alleged mistreatment. They found what they consider to be a troubling pattern of inadequate care that included incorrect diagnoses and a failure to secure informed consent for surgery.
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