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MIDTERM EXAM QUESTION: Imagine that you were just hired to write a blog post for

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Imagine that you were just hired to write a blog post for the City of Montreal. It is for an online project that collects well-written, researched introductions to various sites along the St Lawrence Shore of the Island of Montreal. Using your notes from the course lectures and the Mason text, chose one (1) site along the St Lawrence Shore to focus on for your blog entry.
Your entry should be structured as follows:
• Clearly introduce your site and what a visitor encounters on and around this area
• Explain how visitors can logistically/physically can get there
• Unpack the historical context of the site (i.e. dates, significance, development)
• Focus on a specific building or landscape feature and its particular details (i.e. architect, date, design
intent for buildings/ elements, resources, effect on locals for landscape). Use the online research skills you have learned to identify information about buildings (i.e. BAnQ, Ville de Montreal, etc.)
• Discuss the relevance of your chosen site to Montreal(ers) today. Think about why it is significant, to who, and how you frame it as a historical site of note. You have the option of going beyond the course materials for this last point, but this is not required.
• Include images, maps and other illustrations that are relevant, ensuring that there are correctly captioned and cited (see below)
To get started, focus on reviewing materials from the course Lessons and readings thus far.
Remember, blog posts are concise and clear. A government body is commissioning you, so your language and writing style should be professional, accessible, clear, concise, informative and inclusive.
Ensure that your submission includes correct formatting (i.e. spacing, font, margins, etc.), citations (see below), and bibliography, and that it does not exceed the word count.
NOTE: Since Prof Bélisle recorded his lectures, both the BAnQ and Ville de Mo

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