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Module 05: Discussion – Monitoring Employee Performance 3636 unread replies.3636

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Module 05: Discussion – Monitoring Employee Performance
3636 unread replies.3636 replies.
Employee activity may be monitored to measure performance, ensure performance quality and customer service, check for theft, and/or enforce company rules or laws.
Research and analyze workplace monitoring and share what are the costs and benefits of implementing a tracking program?  Also, please research and share the possible reactions employees might have and how human resources can help improve any negative reactions?
Please feel free to share what type of policy or policies your organization has implemented.
For full credit, include the course textbook and one journal article to support your post. 
You will not be able to view your classmates’ posts until you post.
Your initial post is due by Wednesday. This allows you and your classmates time to read and reply.
Your initial post should be 2-3 paragraphsin length.
Make sure to demonstrate critical thinking and analysis by using research and personal work experiences.
For full credit, you are required to respond to a minimum of two classmates. Please begin your reply by addressing the student by name. Your responses must be completed by Friday at midnight.   
Please refer to the rubric for the grading requirements. You can view the rubric by clicking on the wheel in the upper right corner and selecting “show rubric.”  

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