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Module Four Critical Thinking Exercise No unread replies.No replies. Assignment

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Module Four Critical Thinking Exercise
No unread replies.No replies.
Assignment Instructions: Please do not wait until the assignment due date to post your initial post, unless it is absolutely necessary.
Review the example I gave you in the Week 1 Announcement Section titled, Example of a direct quote and a paraphrase and a References header (for Critical Thinking Assignments, Only). This will ensure that you are using the correct APA format.
Please separate your answers into separate paragraphs, relative to each below question.
1. Discuss what you read in Chapter Four of Emotional Intelligence: Why Can it Matter More Than IQ about emotions that you never considered before.
2. Is there any information in Chapter Four that you did not know or didn’t take the time to think about before? 3. Did anything surprise you? Please elaborate on your answer. These critical thinking assignments are expected to be significant. Writing that there was nothing you did not consider or know on any of the critical thinking assignments will not count for a grade.
You must refer to the reading for the chapter, and you must use the Goleman book to support your thoughts and feelings. You may use Emotional Intelligence 2.0 as a supplemental secondary source. Do not use any other sources. You will do this by using proper in-text citation. If you do not cite, you will get 0 points for your initial post and a warning, because your assignment will be considered plagiarize
All original threads should be at least 250 words. This parameter helps to promote writing that is thorough, yet concise enough to permit other students to read all the postings. The thoughts and opinions expressed in your thread need to be substantiated by research and literature (from the textbook). All in-text citations and references should be in the correct APA style. While this is a formal discussion environment, you are allowed to use the first-person perspective in all your posts since you will be expressing your personal opinions. All original threads should: Bring clarity to the issues being discussed. Raise new and novel (yet relevant) points. Relate issues to personal experience. Rationally defend your stated position.

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