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Must post first. Topic: Where is the best place for you in the VMI team? Virgini

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Must post first.
Topic: Where is the best place for you in the VMI team?
Virginia Meats has hired you to take one of four open managerial positions. During this period of your onboarding into the company, Mr. Chinn, the CEO, is assessing the position for which you will bring the greatest strengths. He has asked HR to provide him with a series of tests that will aid him in assessing your placement.  A short job description for each of the open positions is also provided. Since you are familiar with these positions and their roles from your orientation, you realize these tests will not only tell Chinn the job for which you are best suited, but also will enlighten you as well. This self-knowledge may give you a better idea of your fittedness and likelihood of gaining the position.
1. By FRIDAY, complete the following:
See the steps set out below and complete the table and explanation of the results.
You must use course material to support your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list.
2. THROUGHOUT the week, complete the following:
Respond to your classmates three or more days throughout the week. Remember you are trying to develop the best answers possible to the questions. Your classmates are doing the same so read the posts carefully looking for the best ideas being presented.  The goal is that by the end of the week the class will come to some consensus as to the best answers giving you the chance to submit the best ideas in the final post.
You must use course material to support your responses but you do not need to use APA in the brainstorming discussion with the exception of Friday’s initial first impression post.
Participation is worth 2.5 points each week (20% of the final grade). Participation must be reflected in the final post so grades will be affected by the content portion of the post if participation is not shown. Therefore, it is important to get in the class often and with the idea of improving your initial post with the discussion so that the final grade will be the best you can deliver.
3. FINAL POST, complete the following:
Attach your final post in the classroom by Monday at 11:59 p.m. ET.
The final post must reflect the brainstorming activities and should be different than your Friday initial post.
The final post must include a variety of sources from the class material as well as the use of scenario or case study facts where appropriate.
It must USE APA in-text citations and reference list.
Steps for Completion of the Assignment:
Step 1. Below you will find the instruction “Skill Assessment Chart & Quiz Links”. Take all of the quizzes found in the list.
Step 2. You will report your results by creating a Word document and include this table. You will identify the type of quiz, list all component scores and then answer the implication questions. These questions are found in the “Skill Assessment Chart & Quiz Links” instruction. Do not copy or summarize from the explanations given by the test website. Instead, with that explanation in mind as it pertains to your own traits and behaviors, answer the questions concisely.
Type of Quiz
Quiz Taken and Results
(list all components)
Implication Question Answers
Step 3. In your report, this table will be followed by a 2-page summary (singled spaced) in which you explain your results and select the position or positions for which you will be the best fit.
The final report should be organized as follows:
a brief introduction naming the position for which you are applying
the completed table
a discussion of quiz results that explains ‘you’ by integrating the results with our knowledge base (learning materials) from weeks 1-3, primarily week 3 readings. Rather than rehashing from the test websites or your answers in the table, you will be demonstrating your understanding of the meaning of these results as explained by our theories and concepts in required readings.
the analysis of the job for which you are applying. Address the job or jobs that best fit you and/or the one you want and your reasons for the selection. In that discourse, you will explain how the test results indicate your fittedness for the role. Our required readings will provide the theories for you to prove your understanding of trait-related behaviors. In this write-up, it should also be clear how you will affect the two types of performance and affective commitment of the organization.
Either in the job analysis or a final conclusion, address the effectiveness of your selection for the organization.
Skill Assessment Chart & Quiz Links
Candidate Positions BMGT 464.pdf
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