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My business will be an online store selling Macrame that I make (here is a websi

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My business will be an online store selling Macrame that I make (here is a website explaning what is it
You must use APA format for the paper, start building the reference page and make sure to properly format the references in alphabetical order. Use a grammar/spell check! Check your paper for plagiarism before submitting. You can use Unicheck ($15) or a free website; do not submit a paper that has any copied/pasted content. You will receive a failing grade if you do!
Follow the content of the template I posted.
Company Description: The legal structure of your business (corporation, sole proprietorship, etc.); Core Competencies; A brief history, the nature of your business, and the needs or demands you plan to supply; An overview of your products/services, customers, and suppliers; A summary of company growth, including financial or market highlights; A summary of your short- and long-term business goals, and how you plan to make a profit; SWOT Analysis; Key Performance Indicators
Products and Services: Clearly describe what you’re selling, with a focus on customer benefits. Include details about suppliers, product or service costs, and the net revenue expected from the sale of those products or services. Consider adding pictures or diagrams. A detailed description of your product/service that emphasizes customer benefits; An explanation of the market role of your product/service and advantages it has over competitors; Information about the product/service’s life cycle; Relevant copyright, patent, or trade secret data; Research and development activities that may lead to new products and services; Description of your Corporate Social Responsibility
Organization and Management Team: Outline your company’s organizational structure. Identify the owners, management team and board of directors (must employ at least 5 employees). An organizational chart with descriptions of departments and key employees; Information about owners, including their names, percentage of ownership, extent of involvement within the company and a biography listing their background and skills; Profiles of your management team, including their names, positions, main responsibilities and past experience; List of any advisors, such as board members, accountants, and attorneys
Market Analysis: Show your industry knowledge, and present conclusions based on thorough market research. Place detailed findings of any studies in an appendix. A sketch of targeted customer segments, including size and demographics of each group; An industry description, outlook, and analysis, including statistics; Historical, current and projected marketing data for your product/services; Competitive Analysis: A detailed evaluation of your competitors, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses using Competitive Profile Matrix and Product Positioning Map; Description of barriers to entry, and explanation of how you will overcome.
Strategy and Implementation: Summarize your sales and marketing strategy, and how you’ll implement them with an operating plan. An explanation of how you’ll promote your business to customers and enter the market; Details about costs, pricing, promotions, and distribution/logistics; An explanation of how the company will function, including the operations cycle (from acquisition of supplies through production to delivery); Information on sources of labor and number of employees; Data on operating hours and facilities

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