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My name is Rachael Bamgboye. I am from African – Nigeria to be precise. I am a w

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My name is Rachael Bamgboye. I am from African – Nigeria to be precise. I am a wife and a mother of three beautiful children. I just completed my associate degree at Community College of Baltimore County. I am transferring to Stratford University in order to pursue my goal of becoming a registered nurse and will be transferring into Nursing by next term.
I believe I am a responsible and hard-working student who gets things done as at when due. I am an introvert but admire those that are extrovert, therefore, I am not very sociable. I love meeting new interesting individuals. People around me say I am easy going, loving and caring which is one of the reasons I want to pursue a degree in Nursing. I love caring for people and showing them love. I currently work as a care giver because I am passionate about caring for people.
Ethics is a principle that governs a person or people’s behavior. The definition of ethics may differ from person to person. For example, some people believe telling lies is good if it is safe to do so while some believe no matter how safe or severe a lie is, it is not good and is a sin. To my knowledge, I believe you address people the way you want to be addressed and never to look down on people, irrespective of their appearances or statuses.
My personal ethics are dignity, respect, loyalty, care and openness. I put all these values into consideration when making decisions. My personal experience with ethic was when I made an important decision as the leader of the ushering department in my church. Making this decision was not easy but I was careful and compassionate because I did not want to hurt anyone or make anyone feel bad. However, at the same time, I did not want to be biased. I respected and appreciated everyone’s views, and I tried to pass my message in a very polite way just like the way I would like to be approached
I am looking forward towards having a great term. Wishing everyone best of luck.

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