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MY paper is alrady due. It’s 5 pages. I need it done as fast as possible.  Kindl

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MY paper is alrady due. It’s 5 pages. I need it done as fast as possible. 
Kindly let me know when you can complete it. see the attached details for clear info.
1 Essay Question A recurrent theme that runs through the various philosophies is some form of “happiness.” Think of John Stuart Mill’s writings of “higher pleasures,” or Bentham’s “happiness calculus”, or Aristotle’s “eudaimonia”, or Rand’s idea of “selfishness” just to name a few. What we are talking about are the ethical actions that identify us as human—in the best way possible. We all strive to self-actualize, to become the best that we can be. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail, but if we have done our best with an ethical consideration of others, then it helps define us as good people. Your task is to identify who you are and who you want to be. Ask yourself things like what are your “higher pleasures,” or what makes you “happy”? Include the following, but feel free to add to this: 1. What is “happiness”? (remember, this is not always a momentary concept) 2. What actions have you done to achieve happiness? Give two or three examples. 3. A “right” action must be ethical (although it need not conform to societal standards). What made your actions ethical or “right”? Justify your answer. 4. What do your actions say about your values and concept as a person? 5. Choose someone you think exemplifies the ideal ethical person. Explain who and why. 6. Compare your actions (from #3 and #4) to the person in #5. 7. Conclusion: Where to you go from here? How can you better achieve happiness, in its highest sense? 

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