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My research question is “Why do Women live longer than Men” Identify one or more

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My research question is “Why do Women live longer than Men”
Identify one or more claims in the article you chose to analyze (Researched Reading Response). This article should be non-scholarly and should answer the research question that you researched for your Researched Argument Essay and infographic. This article can be from among the 7 sources your used for these two projects but not necessarily.
Write down that claim/ those claims in your own words. For each claim, mention whether you agree or disagree (or somewhere in-between) with that claim and briefly motivate your opinion. Provide evidence in the form of a quote/paraphrase from one or more secondary sources in support of that opinion.
In total (all claims taken together), you need to use evidence from at least 4 secondary sources (at least half should be scholarly). If you have only identified one claim, make sure you use quotes from the same minimal amount of secondary sources, i.e. 4 (at least half should be scholarly).
This assignment is meant to be schematic. Here’s a model that may help you visualize it.
Claim 1: ………
I agree/disagree/ somewhat (dis)agree… because….
“…” (Smith 4)
“…” (Jones and Daniels 156)
Claim 2: ………
I agree/disagree/ somewhat (dis)agree… because
“…” (Smith 10)
Claim 3:……
I agree/disagree/ somewhat (dis)agree… because
“…” (Farmer 9)
“….” (Matthews 76)

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