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my school follows the Harvard referencing guide. attached below. I have attached

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my school follows the Harvard referencing guide. attached below.
I have attached an example revenue management from a previous essay on another term.
my task is to write a section based on revenue management techniques. based on the interview and using secondary sources in example. do not copy or plagiarism.
Here is the interview we did on a restaurant named Lift located in Atyrau in Kazhastan.
1) Each food/dish offer in the menu is calculated  to a grammage of each ingredient. Then we get a net cost of a dish. The selling price in average is a net cost increased by 200% to 300%. This added value includes all expenses like cooker and waiter salary + depreciation of equipment.
3)  Part of everyday revenue goes for procurement of everyday used products of kitchen and bar and for other needed stuff.
4)  Since we are considered as a small-sized business the tax is 3%
5)  Since we just closed our first year of operation there is only 1 fixes annual expense info (63.000.000 KZT). Profit is a confidential info.
6) Difference in revenue for a restaurant and bar depends on a period of a month and number of holiday on each month. Usually revenue decreases in the end of  a month cause people run out of money and they wait for a salary.
7) Its occupied for 60% on weekdays and over-occupied on weekends.
8) Special offers are only personal discount cards for our regular guests.
9) Majority of guests are mainly locals. And around 20% are expats who work in Kazakhstan.

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