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Need a discussion post of 150 words on one of the following topics: 2.  Compare

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Need a discussion post of 150 words on one of the following topics:
2.  Compare the view of the early Romantic writers like Wordsworth and Keats with the view Charles Dickens has in Hard Times.  Has anything changed in England between the times in which each was writing?  What do they have to say about the Industrial Revolution versus Nature?
3. French painting became ever more realistic and precise between 1750 and 1870.  At the same time, photography began to become better and better.  Your textbook has good sections on each.  Compare French realism in painting to the new technology of photography.  Which did a better job of “telling the story”?  Please explain using a specific example from painting and one from photography.
4. John Constable and JMW Turner were painting a beautiful pastoral England and a powerful British empire in their work.  Goya was depicting a country besieged by invaders.  Using works from one of the English painters and works from Goya, explain how each saw their own countries at the time.  Which painter had reason to celebrate the condition of his and which did not?
5.  Up to 1760, the source of the energy that powered industry had always been animal, human, or wind/water.  Agriculture depended on both but required large amounts of human labor regardless.  With the Industrial Revolution, alternatives were developed.  Anything that contributes to the decline of slavery is a good thing but industrialization had some serious downsides as well.  Explain two of the negative aspects of industrialization compared to two of the negative aspects of slavery.

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