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Need this done by December 4th 5PM EST! ALL ORIGINAL WORK NO PLAGIARISM!!
For various topics discussed this semester, students will be expected to select a professional journal article AND a media/newsarticle for the topic and complete a set of journal entries regarding the articles.
Professional Journal Articles must be selected from professional journals (see journal information sheet) and preferably recently published.  Media/news articles can be chosen from magazines or newspapers found online.
Journal project entries will be due as outlined below based on the discussion of each particular topic. The format for journal entries has been provided.  Please complete each section on the form for each entry (one entry for the professional article and one for the media/news article). The links for submission will be found under Journal Project.
Entries should be clear and complete, with proper grammar and spelling.  Entries that are incomplete, too short or have multiple spelling or grammatical errors will not receive full credit.  Entries for the professional article should be at least 2 pages long and entries for the media article should be at least 1 page long.  Entries will be submitted through TurnItIn to ensure academic honesty.
Each journal project entry will be worth 40 points (25 for professional article and 15 for media article).  In order to receive all 25 points your entry must be clear, complete and the articles must be appropriate.
This project can be completed either periodically throughout the semester OR be handed in in its entirety at the end of the semester.  It will be up to each of you to decide whether you want to complete the entries individually on the assigned dates throughout the semester, or if you would like to turn in the entire project at the end of the semester.  I am leaving it up to you to decide so that you can choose the option that best fits into your schedule.  If you decided to turn in your complete project at the end of the semester, you need to choose one of the topics listed and submit a set of DRAFT entries for me to read and provide feedback on.  
Listed below are the individual due dates, the due date if you decide to turn in the ENTIRE project at the end of the semester isDecember (set of draft entries due on October 25). 
Measurement of Crime Victimization
September 20
Consequences of Crime Victimization
October 4
Family Violence Victimization (child abuse, domestic violence or elder abuse)
October 18
Hate or White Collar Crime Victimization
November 1
Services to Victims of Crime
November 22
Victims’ Rights or Crime Victim Legislation
December 6

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