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Note: Unicheck is not used for this assignment since you are re-formatting  inst

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Note: Unicheck is not used for this assignment since you are re-formatting  instructor supplied text.
Use the text below and format as described. Copy and paste it into your document. The font for the header is Arial Black or another sanserif font. Use Times New Roman for the body. Your press release should fit on one page. You may need to adjust the photo’s size to make this happen. Run spell check to correct misspelled words as there are intentional misspelling and grammar errors in the original.
We will discuss the tools for this assignment in class, you can use online sources as a refresher.
Submit by Sunday 11:59 PM.
Email Richard Lanier with any questions. [email protected] This is the beginning of the document you will submit.
(1 blank line from the top of the page)
Press Release (Center, 20 point Arial Black font, red color with a light gray fill)
For Immediate Release 1/12/2021 (center, underline, 12 point Arial Black font not bold)
(2 blank lines)
Celebrate the end of Covid! (Times New Roman font, bold 12 point, centered. Indent the following paragraph one tab)
You are invited to atend an a walkathon (Times New Roman font, 12 not bold 1.5 line spacing) to raise money for the capital area food bank. (capitalize and bold and underline the words capital area food bank) All money that is raised will be donated to feed hungry people in the Washington area. Please wear a mask ans social distance.
Date: Saturday, June 19, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM 
Place: The Mall in Washington, D.C. (Use bullets and indent two tabs for the date, time, place)
Contributions accepted. You decide what to give. (Indent two tabs, but no bullet)
Come join the fun! (Bold, 14 point, center, yellow highlight)
(1 blank space.  Make a bullet list for the following. Left align the list, one space, 14 point  not bold)
Exercise while helping people.
Wear comfortable walking shoes.
Free water and snacs will be provided.
Wear a mask and social distance. (add one line)
Insert a photo of someone jogging on the right of the type you just pasted. Rotate the photo and add a picture border.  Add as many lines as needed after the photo to fit the following information. Add a picture watermark titled Press Release.
Sponsored by students of I Global University, Fals Church, va (left align, 12 point type)
For more information, contact
Your name
Your email address
Check the document properties. Who created it? When was it created. Write this at the bottom of the page. Created by ______________ Date _______________.
Add a page border and a watermark. Add a light value background color to the page.

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