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Nursing Docotorate level writting: APA format, 2 pages. Minimum of 2 references

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Nursing Docotorate level writting: APA format, 2 pages. Minimum of 2 references that are withing 5years. Absolutely plagiarism free. 
Leading Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Healthcare
Use the map below to engage important population health concepts. Click on each hot spot to learn more about the population in that area.
This week, you discovered that the focus of healthcare has a growing emphasis on population health. Emphasis on quality improvement and tracking outcomes has led to exploring “why?” Why do some patients have trouble controlling their diabetes? Why do so some pediatric diabetic patients show up in the emergency department with an uncontrolled episode? These questions have led the DNP scholar and other healthcare providers to consider the social determinants of health. This query also requires that consideration be given to “how?” How do healthcare providers improve outcomes for a given population? Explore these questions as they relate to the populations represented on the interactive map below. Select one of the populations on the map and address the following:
·  Create a culturagram for your selected population.. You may use the attached template (attached), if you desire.
·  Conduct a search for evidence. Identify one evidence-based intervention to reduce health disparities in the selected population.
·  Consider how the selected intervention addresses at least one of the CLAS standards.
·  Share your professional experience related to the topic.
Bemker, M. A. & Ralyea, C. (2018). Population health and its integration into advanced nursing practice. DEStech Publications, Inc.
·  Chapter 1: Population Health Introduction
·  Chapter 2: Integration of Population Health to Advanced Nursing Care
Ibrahim, Michael, Savitz, Lucy, Carey, Timothy & Wagner, Edward. (2001). Population-Based Health Principles in Medical and Public Health Practice (Links to an external site.). Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, 7(3), 75-81. 
Jani, J. & Okundaye, J. (2014). The Culturagram: An educational tool to enhance practice competence with diverse populations (Links to an external site.). Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work, 19(1), 53- 63.
This is from the map, unfortunately you will not be able to access the information from the map so I had to copy the Mississipi information from the original Map so you can work with the Mississipi population if you want.
Jackson, Mississippi
o  Culture of interest – African American
o  Population – 170,674
o  Individuals diagnosed with heart disease prior to the study year – 2326
o  age 30 – 47
o  age 35 – 70
o  age 40 – 216
o  age 45 – 263
o  age 50 – 333
o  age 55 – 380
o  age 60 – 450
o  age 65 – 567
o  Individuals newly diagnosed with heart disease in the study year – 1082
o  Age 45 – 10
o  Age 50 – 36
o  Age 55 – 244
o  Age 60 – 366
o  Age 65 – 426
o  Individuals who died of heart disease in the study year – 860
o  Age 55 – 215
o  Age 60 – 301
o  Age 65 – 344
o  Average years of life expectancy reduction due to heart disease – 10

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