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Objectives Identify potential risks and disruptions in global supply chain netwo

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Identify potential risks and disruptions in global supply chain networks
Recommend operations strategies to manage supply chain risks and disruptions
Evaluate companies’ strategies in dealing with supply chain risks
Required Materials
Aggarwal, S., & Srivastava, M. K. (2016). Nissan: Recovering supply chain operations. Ivey Publishing. 
Ellet, W. (2007). The case study handbook: How to read, discuss, and write persuasively about cases. Harvard Business Publishing.
Analyze the “Nissan: Recovering Supply Chain Operations” case study. Prepare a MS Word document of 4-6 pages answering the 4 questions following the case. write each question and then give the answer. Be certain to discuss the items included in the rubric. 
Case Questions
List four sources of supply chain risks for a Japanese automotive manufacturer such as Nissan. Include all sources of disruption mentioned in the case in your list.
What are the operational strategies for managing supply chain risks/disruptions? Evaluate Nissan on each of these.
In your opinion, had Nissan developed the perfect recovery strategy or is there still room for improvement for future crises?
Explain the difference between Nissan’s risk management and crisis management strategies and evaluate each.

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