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Open Response  Choose any 4 of these open response questions to answer. For each

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Open Response  Choose any 4 of these open response questions to answer.
For each open response answer, include at least 4 concepts from the textbook and at least 1 reference to other required articles or videos.
1. Despite increases in diversity training programs, outcomes are not consistently leading to increases of diversity within upper management. What might be the reason for this phenomenon and how might it be addressed?
2. Communication is central to effective management. Effective communication helps deliver difficult, yet actionable feedback and tailor a message during crisis situations. First, describe the concept of noise. Second, outline at least four factors that senders should consider before communicating important messages to receivers.
3. Some people argue that leadership and management are entirely different roles within an organization that cannot be carried out by the same individual. Do you agree with this statement? Provide supporting evidence and logic to back up your position. Regardless of your position, are both roles necessary for an organization to be successful? Choose one approach to leadership (e.g., transformational, charismatic, or path-goal) and use this theory to demonstrate the importance of leadership.
4. Describe impression management (IM) techniques and the impact they have on interview success. Include descriptions and examples of the self-focused IM techniques and how they might affect interview success. Finally, discuss who is more likely to engage in IM.
5. Mario owns a boutique furniture store for which Clinton is a long time supplier of pillows and decorative items. Because of repeated years of negotiations over prices, delivery dates, and products, Mario and Clinton have formed a mutually beneficial relationship. Please discuss some other outcomes of repeated negotiations.
6. What is the difference between the mechanistic model and the organic model of organizational structure? Give an example of a company organized as mechanistic, and explain why a mechanistic structure is a good fit for this company. Give an example of a company organized as organic, and explain why an organic structure is a good fit for this company.
1. When applying terms/concepts from the textbook, apply bold and underlined formatting to those terms. Do not bold and underline entire sentences – just the key term/concept. Terms/concepts from the textbook do not need a citation.
2. When applying concepts from the assigned resources, please use in-text citations.
3. No reference list needed.

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