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Paper III                        Checklist day________¬¬¬____ Paper due ________

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Paper III                        Checklist day________¬¬¬____
Paper due _______________
Choose a topic to write about using a minimum of four sources.  Be sure that the sources are viable ones for an academic paper.  Best would be that they come from our college databases or books. 
At least one source must be a newspaper article drafted within the last year.  You are welcome to use one of the texts we read in class this semester.
Through the development of your paper, the reader should be able to ascertain a clear and significant thesis.  The outside sources you integrate into the paper should develop your idea, but it should be clear that your thinking is paramount in integrating the outside sources.
–The points you make using the outside sources should be well-supported with examples from these texts. 
–Use a minimum of six direct quotations, using correct MLA format.  At least one of the quotes should be taken from our class text(s).
–Paraphrase the readings according to the MLA guidelines we covered in class. 
–The paper should be clear and demonstrate effort to write an engaging text, one which includes critical analysis and shows independent thinking. 
–Include a Works Cited page, which demonstrates correct MLA format.
–It should have very few, if any, grammatical and stylistic problems.
–The paper should be at least five full pages in length, typed, double-spaced.

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