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PART 1-APA  1250-2000 WORDS  Examining Global Trends in Comparative Criminal Jus

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PART 1-APA  1250-2000 WORDS 
Examining Global Trends in Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
Write a 1,250 to 2,000 word paper discussing a contemporary, international issue related to criminal justice systems and the trends associated with the selected topic as supported by the literature. For example, Cybersecurity, Terrorism, Human Trafficing, etc.
Your paper should examine all of the following elements:
The nature and description of the issue.
Current trends surrounding the issue using at least three charts in the analysis
Discuss how the trend may change in the future.
A discussion of how social, political, and cultural events affect the issue and its associated trends.
A discussion of current international cooperation to address the issue (if applicable).
A discussion based on the literature regarding what could be done (that is not currently being done) to address the issue and its associated trends.
A description of how this issue and the associated trends affect criminal justice systems on a global scale.
Your paper should be in APA format and include a title and references page. Use at least three credible sources beyond the textbook to support your position.
International Trends
Critically discuss 3 international trends in the administration of criminal justice. Be sure that each trend you select is supported with literature. How will each trend affect not only the system of criminal justice in the world, but internationally?

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