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Part 1 – How do you know your food is safe? The United States Department of Agri

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Part 1 – How do you know your food is safe?
The United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Services (Links to an external site: (FSIS) issues food recalls and alerts for products that either failed an inspection or that were linked to a food borne disease outbreak.
For this discussion, look through the list of recalled products for a food or beverage that is similar to something that is part of your diet.
Then, write a short article that answers the following questions:
Why was the product placed on the FSIS list?
Was it because of a failed inspection or an outbreak?
Did anyone get sick from eating this product?
What would happen if someone were to eat that recalled product?
What agencies were involved in trying to control the risk posed by the product?
Part 2 – Quality comment
Most people ignore food recall warnings because they do not think the product recall applies to them. This lack of action on the individual’s part defeats the goals of food safety surveillance programs.
While not all product recalls are the same, the urgency of removing unsafe or under-quality products from consumer’s shelves is a common theme and is not always easy.
When a food company faces a product recall, they need to create a direct message to those that are most likely to be affected – the consumers. This is potentially a crisis situation that requires communication that focuses on “instructional messaging” that tells consumers why the product is being recalled and what steps people can do to protect themselves and their family from harm.

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