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Part 1 CEO activism is business practice we will examine in this project. After

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Part 1
CEO activism is business practice we will examine in this project. After reading Toffel, Chatterji, and Kelley’s “CEO Activism” in the coursepack, identify an example you would like to pursue for the project. Part 1 is communicating the direction you are pursuing; after receiving some feedback, you can move on to Part 2.
The example of CEO activism you choose to pursue could be based in the case or class examples. If you choose to pursue one of the CEOs discussed in the case or included in exhibit 1 (p.15) of the case, do develop additional directions.
After making your selection, create a journal entry in the Case Analysis Project. In at least two well-developed paragraphs, indicate and describe your case example. Explain why you believe the example fits as an example of CEO activism.
Part 2
Using athe course reading “CEO Activism,” additional news and information sources, and examples of corporate communication, develop an essay that accomplishes the following and considers these issues in a reasoned and evidenced manner.
Identify and describe an example of CEO activism. You may use examples discussed in the case or class, provided in the case appendices, or developed on your own. If you chose an example presented in the case, you should choose different or additional communication artifacts to illustrate your example.
Explain why the communication should be considered as CEO activism, rather than typical corporate comunication for lobbying, investor relations or thought leadership.
Assess how well the example of CEO activism you provided serves the business interest, the competitive advantage, the corporation seeks.
Perform a stakeholder analysis. How are the corporation’s stakeholders likely to react to the CEO’s activism?
Moving forward, should the corporation support or curtail the CEO’s activism? How should it communicate the value in ending/continuing/limiting or expanding its commitment to the issue for key stakeholders?
Compose and post your essay as a journal entry in Blackboard.
Essays should be a minimum of 1000 words.
Include examples of the CEO’s communication and/or artifacts about the relevant corporation’s communication.
Include supporting facts and figures.
Include source citations.
Images should be inserted into the journal entry.
Video examples may be embedded in or linked with your journal entry.

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