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part 1: Please addressing CAS2 step3 in SUS 304 Personal Sustainability Action P

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part 1:
Please addressing CAS2 step3 in SUS 304 Personal Sustainability Action Plan Fall 2020-1 (1) TABLE
part 2:
ReflectionFor CSA 2, you were required to create a personal sustainability action plan including 8 goals.  I would like you to take the opportunity to check in with your plan, and reflect both on your progress toward meeting your goals as well as how you’ve structured your plan in terms of chosen indicators, ease of collecting data and alignment to goals.  
Select 3 of your SMART goalsto focus on for this assignment and for each one:
A.    Report on your progress toward the goal.  Include baseline data and the trend you have observed over the last few weeks if appropriate. (50-100 words, 5 points for each goal)
B.    Reflect on your chosen indicator.  Has it been feasible for you to monitor that indicator over the last few weeks? Why or why not? (25-50 words, 3 points for each goal)
C.    What barriers have you encountered while trying to achieve your goal?  What efforts have you taken to overcome these barriers or what efforts could you take in the future to overcome these barriers? If you have not encountered barriers, would you consider making your goal more ambitious?  (50-75 words, 5 points for each goal)
D.   Have there been any unexpected impacts or outcomes because of the change(s) you have implemented in trying to achieve this goal?  Consider impacts to yourself and to those around you. (25-50 words, 3 points for each goal)
E.    Based on your experience over the last few weeks, your responses above and information you’ve learned in the last 3 weeks of the course (since the CSA2 due date), how would you modify your goal, chosen indicator, frequency of assessment, etc. to better align them to the changes you’d like to see in your life. (50-100 words, 5 points for each goal)
F.Reflect on the broader systems and technologies associated with your goal.  Chose one system or technology and describe one transformative change (consider complete system overhauls) that would improve sustainability in the area surrounding your goal (increasing positive impacts and/or decreasing negative impacts) for a wider population.  Include information from Project Drawdown or other sources to describe this transformation and potential impacts. Be sure to include parenthetical citations and a reference list using APA style. (125-200 words, 15 points for each goal)
You are welcome to complete the prompts above for 3 additional SMART goals for up to 15 extra credit points for each.

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