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*Part 1: View the film “Chasing Heroin.” This is a 2 hour film. found at http:/

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*Part 1:
View the film “Chasing Heroin.” This is a 2 hour film.
found at
Answer the following questions in a 250-300 word discussion post.
1) How did the sales of new prescription opioid painkillers relate to the current heroin epidemic? Which painkiller was important and why?
2) One factor that is mentioned several times in the beginning of the film is the role that race plays in calling attention to a public health crisis. Talk a little about the role race plays in the heroin epidemic (3-5 sentences)?
3) Earlier in the class, you viewed the film “The Released” which examined the relationships between mental illness, incarceration, and homelessness. What similarities and differences do you see between that crisis and the heroin epidemic in terms of community responses to the two crises and law enforcement approaches?
*Part 2:
1)What is your impression of methadone treatment? Do you think that this makes sense as a harm reduction method, or is it simply “replacing one drug for another.”
2) Explain the LEAD program pioneered in Seattle law enforcement. How is this program different from traditional approaches to drug enforcement. When did it start? Why? How does it compare to people who are not enrolled. Describe some of the outcomes.

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