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Pediatric Poster Board Presentation As part of the pediatric class and clinical,

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Pediatric Poster Board Presentation
As part of the pediatric class and clinical, students will do a teaching project for school children.
The teaching project will be presented to school children ages 3-12 years. 
Pick a topic, gather information, and complete a poster board for pediatric teaching. Prior to presenting the information to the kids, the poster board will be presented in classroom for instructor approval and will account for 10% of your class grade. Information and materials on the poster board will be approved by Instructor on the day of the class presentation. 
1. Choose a topic
2. Develop 3 objectives for your presentation topic (what you want the children to gain/learn from your presentation)
3. Identify the age group. Present 15-20 minutes ONLY
4. Adopt the information and language to suit the age group
5. Poster board must be age appropriate, colorful, fancy, and informative. 
6. Be creative – you may use role play, activities, games, songs, video, tools, equipment’s etc.
7. You may give age-appropriate incentives to the kids which MUST BE APPROVED BY THE INSTRUCTOR. 
8. You may give items such as education material, books, pencils, toothbrushes, fruits, crayons, snacks, coloring items, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, stickers, games etc. No Candy or Sweets
9. Information websites: 
a. Child Safety and Injury Prevention | Child Safety and Injury Prevention| CDC Injury Center
b. Safety Tips | Safe Kids Worldwide
c. Injury Prevention Topics | Children’s Safety Network
TOPIC;  Cold safety 

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