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Personal Leadership Journal- Global leadership (Answer all questions) Q1. Descri

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Personal Leadership Journal- Global leadership (Answer all questions)
Describe you own multicultural identity. How multicultural are you? What self-reference criteria do you use to measure the goodness or badness of others?
What culturally learned assumptions control your life?
Describe a time when you “saw” a behavior but did not recognize it as having any significance even though it was meaningful to the one exhibiting the behavior.
How collaborative are you? Describe a situation when you deferred to others because they had more expertise.  
How skilled are you at thinking through and identifying entrepreneurial opportunities?
Make a list of keyways to treat others respectfully and use it to guide your behavior.
Upon completing course assignments up to this point, what now drives or motivates you? What do you want to accomplish? Look at this in a global leader’s perspective.
Reflect on what you’ve learned and experienced in this course and identify five key learning points that you will be taking away from the course.

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