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Perspectives Piece – Instructions The concept of “sustainable development” has d

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Perspectives Piece – Instructions
The concept of “sustainable development” has dominated the discourse on development and environment for the past 40 years. In class, we discussed various perspectives on sustainable development, including key international institutions, programs, commissions, and frameworks related to environment and development. We also discussed various alternatives to sustainable development. In this perspectives piece, please identify and discuss some of the social and environmental benefits and some of the social and environmental critiques of the ‘sustainable development’ paradigm that have emerged over the decades since its first appearance in the 1980s. In your Perspectives Piece, please debate whether ecological sustainability and the sustainability of economic growth can be achieved together.
Please use 12-point font, Times New Roman, and double-space your Perspectives Piece. There is a 600 word limit. Please cite important documents that you refer to in your piece and include a literature cited list. Please use course readings, class discussion, and the suggested readings below to help you form your Perspectives Piece.
Suggested readings:
1. et al. 2.
Sustainability Science 10:
Asara, V., Otero, I., Demaria, F.
(2015) Socially sustainable degrowth as a social–
ecological transformation: repoliticizing sustainability.
Kates, R.W., Parris, T. and Leiserowitz, A.A. (2005). ‘What is sustainable development?
Goals, indicators, values and practice.’ Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable
Development 47(3): 8-21.

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