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PICO and Concept Map Assignment ( at least 3 pages and a page for concept map) I

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PICO and Concept Map Assignment ( at least 3 pages and a page for concept map)
Locate the PICOWorksheet in the Resources Tab in this      Module.  See PICO worksheet attached.
Review the instructions attached to the worksheet. 
Make sure you understand how to write a PICO question.
Formulate a PICO question for your “Design A Research Study” assignment. 
Your PICO question can be on any topic that is relevant to nursing and interests you. Don’t be afraid to really brainstorm!
Create a concept map for your PICO question, using the module resources on concept mapping. Using guidelines from the concept mapping topic of this module, create a new concept map based on your PICO question.

7.The first step is in concept mapping to create boxes with the four pieces of your PICO.
8. Then begin making connections between the population, intervention, comparison, and outcomes for your question. 
9. Expand your map by including additional levels of concepts, ideas, and search terms (synonyms) for each subtopic. 
10. You should have at least three levels of sub-concepts in addition to your main PICO concepts. 
PICO and Concept Map Assignment Grading Rubric:  20 points
Possible Points
Points Given
PICO and Search   Query Worksheet attached and complete
Well-written   PICO of nursing relevance
PICO represented as main concept boxes on concept   map an Contains at   least 3 additional levels of concepts beyond the main boxes
Map Appears   thorough and neat

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