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Please choose and answer two of these four questions. 1. In this 2015 article fo

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Please choose and answer two of these four questions.
1. In this 2015 article for the online magazine Jacobin(file:///Users/Chinami/Downloads/Malm%20Anthropocene%20Myth.pdf), Andreas Malm argues that climate change is not “the result of humans acting out their innate predispositions” (p. 2) but the fault of capitalism. Assess his argument, drawing on course readings as appropriate.
2. Sven Beckert criticizes the idea that capitalism “is about wage labor, markets, contracts, and the rule of law, and, most important … based on the idea that markets naturally tend toward maximizing human freedom.” Assess his argument, drawing on course readings as appropriate.
3. Rodney and Clark offer different views on the global impact of the industrial revolution. Assess the controversy, drawing on their writings and other readings as appropriate.
4. Has capitalism made people’s lives better? DeLong and Jhally offer differing views. Assess the controversy, drawing on their writing and other readings as appropriate.
A requirement: begin each answer with a one or two-sentence summary of your assessment. In other words, please don’t spend time repeating the question back, or summarizing readings. Start with your voice! Once you have your draft mostly done, figure out what your main point is, and use the first sentence to state that main point. (If you don’t have a clear main point, redraft until you do.)
Aim for about 500 words of your own writing in each of the two answers — so about 1000 words total.
Answers should be well organized essays, with paragraph breaks.
Use specific page references when discussing the writings of authors. Respect the text.
These are all questions that ask you to go back to the readings and use the readings. Answers will be assessed partly on their care in using course readings. You are always welcome to disagree with readings.
You can send me drafts in advance for comment. You can show this to people in the writing center or to a friend who is not in the class to get advice on the clarity of your writing. But this is an exam in the sense that you should not collaborate with other people in the class.
On questions that involve controversies, I don’t care where you come down, or which way you argue. I’m looking for a thoughtful essay that considers evidence. Let’s break down “assess,” the key verb in all four questions. A good assessment:
is attentive to evidence.
considers strong and weak points on all sides. You are also welcome to criticize both sides, or to argue for a more nuanced position. When one of our course readings contains an argument against a position that you are taking, you should consider that argument, and explain why you think it is wrong.

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